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Balsley & Dahlberg Is A Debt Relief Law Firm That Helps People File For Bankruptcy Relief Under The United States Bankruptcy Code

What do I need to bring to my free consultation?


Be sure to keep your scheduled appointment and arrive on time.  If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact our office as early as possible to reschedule. 


Please remember to bring the documents listed below to your appointment: 


  • A hard copy of your most recently filed income tax return within the past four years.


  • Proof of your household income for the 6 calendar months prior to your appointment. (Paycheck stubs or a detailed printout from your employer for you, your spouse, your partner, etc)


  • If you receive Social Security, disability, pension, LINK, or other benefits you can bring a copy of your award letter or a recent bank statement stating your monthly benefit amount .


  • If you receive unemployment benefits you can request a print out from the unemployment office showing your benefits for the full six months prior to your appointment. This can also be done at your IDES online account.


  • If you receive child support payments please bring proof of those payments with you. This can also be done at your SDU online account.


  • You must provide income information for everyone living in your house regardless of if they are filing bankruptcy with you or not.


  • All of your bills with the creditor’s name, address, and amount you owe, and if possible the account number. If you do not have the actual bills you may bring a list with this information.
  • If you would like, you may bring a copy of your credit report.  If you decide to bring a copy of your credit report please don't mark it, highlight it, or bind it in anyway.  See our Helpful Links page for information on how to order your credit report.  In order to keep your costs at a minimum, we do not provide credit reports.



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