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What is debtor education?  Where do I send my debtor education certificate?

A debtor education course by an approved provider should include information on developing a budget, managing money, using credit wisely, and other resources.  Like pre-filing counseling, debtor education may be provided on the phone or online. The debtor education session might last longer than the pre-filing counseling – about two (2) hours – and the typical fee is $15 and up. As with pre-filing counseling, if you are unable to pay the session fee, you should seek a fee waiver from the debtor education provider.

Once you have completed the required debtor education course, you should receive a certificate as proof. This certificate is separate from the certificate you received after completing your pre-filing credit counseling.  

After you receive your debtor education certificate you must provide our office with a copy.  Please ask the to provide our office a copy by fax to (815) 877-7965 or email to


You will not be able to obtain a discharge in your bankruptcy case if you do not provide your debtor education certificate within a timely manner.  

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